Welcome to my blog! I love to document my adventures in travel, hotels, and food. Every trip I take all I have is a carry on suitcase. Hope you have a nice stay!

Why I Travel With Just A Carry-On Suitcase

For years I was one of those people who needed to bring TWO large suitcases with me when I traveled. It didn’t matter if it was for two days or two weeks…I wanted my closet with me! I thought, “you never know what occasion might arise” or “you never know who you are going to see”. I wanted to be prepared for everything!

Well, I never wore half of the clothes, shoes, purses, or hair extensions that I would bring with me. I am sure all of you have experienced carrying around super heavy luggage only to wear a quarter of what you brought.

When I went to Europe for the first time, I realized most places did not have elevators! I knew right away I had messed up. Lugging my bags up five flights of stairs for the first Airbnb solidified my mistake. While in Poland, I took a train from Warsaw to Krakow where the luggage rack was above your head, similar to the Hogwarts express. I was unable to lift my absurdly heavy luggage that high. Luckily for me, Polish people are some of the nicest in the world and I received some help getting my luggage up. Thank goodness for kind and strong people!

Modifying my travel luggage down to just one carry-on bag has allowed me so much more freedom and a sense of relief when traveling. It almost does sound comical to say, but I am a calmer traveler now! I know that no matter what the “traveling Gods” send my way I am able to be agile in my plans. Whether I am getting in and out of an uber, train, bus, or subway, I do not need someone strong to assist me with my luggage.

Over the past few years of traveling with only a carry-on suitcase (I traveled to my own wedding with just a carry-on), I have not missed carrying heavy luggage. I realized that out of all the clothes I would pack (at least three outfits per day), I ended up wearing the same items all the time….because they were my favorites! Everyone tends to wear the same outfits because they fit the best, look the best, and you feel your best self in them. So why should we bring those extra outfits when they just add to the load? The answer is you shouldn’t!

Some of my personal tips to choosing a carry-on suitcase are 360 degree wheels, hard shell (they are far more durable), plenty of packing compartments, and the ability to expand (when not traveling by plane).

Below are some of my personal recommendations on hardside luggage.

  • The first one is the Brookstone 20” Hardside Carry-On Luggage with Charging Ports. This one is the newest update to the Brookstone I currently use. I am a huge fan of Brookstone since their luggage is very durable. Click the first picture below or click here to view the website.

  • The second carry-on is Samsonite Framelock 20” Spinner. Samsonite is a fantastic luggage company, and is on sale! This carry-on is currently 30% off with free shipping! Click the second picture or here to view the website.

  • The third suitcase is the DESLEY Chatelet + 21 Inch Carry On. I love that this one is on Amazon for those prime members. The best part about this bag is that it offers two packing compartments! That is a win! Click the third picture or here to view the website.

  • The last suitcase on my list is the Kenneth Cole Reaction Reverb 20” Hardside. This luggage offered on Amazon is the least expensive on the list for those who are not looking to spend over $100. Click the fourth picture or here to view the website.

Look out for my tips and tricks to lighter packing later this week!

Happy Traveling!


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