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New Year, New Travel

Happy New Year everyone, even if I am 9 days late! If any of you are like me, you were a bit behind when it came to making a new year’s resolution. I never can decide what I want my resolution to be, especially since by February I have already given up on what I had chosen. I do not like to make the common resolutions, such as working out more, eating better, swearing less or losing weight.

So this year, I have decided to make my New Year’s resolution about travel. I will be writing down the locations I would like to visit. Since it is written for everyone to see, then I must follow through with going everywhere on the list at least!

Countries I plan on Visiting:









Major Cities in the U.S. I plan on Visiting:

Dallas, TX

Austin, TX

Chicago, IL

Milwaukee, WI

Baltimore, MD

Columbus, MS

Minneapolis, MN

Los Angeles, CA

Salem, MA

Boston, MA

Philadelphia, PA

Tampa, FL

For those of you who believe you have missed the mark by not making the resolution on New Year’s Eve, you are wrong. Just because we are already a little over a week into the new year doesn’t mean you have missed being able to plan for the rest of it. The year is 365 days long and we are only 9 days in…there is plenty of time to write down your travel ideas!

It is vital to write down where and when you would like to travel. It keeps you honest; whether it is saving for the trip, getting the time off from work, or even convincing yourself you deserve the splurge to travel. Take some time in the next week and make your plans.

Please join me while I blog about this year’s traveling and I promise to share my tips along the way! Comment below where you plan on going this year.

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