Welcome to my blog! I love to document my adventures in travel, hotels, and food. Every trip I take all I have is a carry on suitcase. Hope you have a nice stay!

Sephora Deals for Carry-On Luggage

Since I only travel with one carry-on suitcase wherever I go, it can be extremely difficult to fit everything I want to pack in the space I have available. At least, that was before I realized all the excellent deals Sephora can offer anyone who wants to lighten their travel load. This store is the mecca for finding small beauty items perfect for luggage with limited space. I can find most of my makeup, hair and beauty products in travel sizes to leave room for other travel essentials.


First…..let’s talk about the FREE goods! As an avid Sephora shopper, I have always enjoyed going to the store; however, with my new home, I do not have a Sephora nearby. This caused me to solely online shop, and I LOVE it! Shopping online allows anyone to get 2 Free Samples With Any Purchase. Yes, you can just buy a $8.00 clay mask and get 2 free samples. These items range from foundations and primers to perfume and cleansers. This is my absolute favorite part about shopping online. Nothing is better than earning travel samples for purchases you were already going to make.

The “Pick 2 Free Samples With Any Purchase” is the key to my travel success with only a carry-on. I never bring my perfume, Miss Dior Eau de Toilette, with me when I travel since it is pretty large. Although most perfumes meet the carry-on travel restrictions, the space they take up is not worth it. I always take the perfumes I get free on Sephora with my purchases. These small perfumes last me for a week and even more when traveling. Since they are smaller than the size of my pinkie, they leave me more room to pack other essentials; and they give me the opportunity to try some of the best perfumes out there. The Yves Saint Laurent Eau de Toilette is the current perfume free at Sephora now.

The second considerable item that I like to pick as one of my free samples is lipstick. I love doing this because it offers me the ability to experiment with different shades without having to commit to actually buying it. But….my favorite part about the lipstick samples is for travel. Two to three samples are the equivalent to one normal size lipstick. I realize that lipstick in general is small, but when you are traveling for two weeks with one luggage every inch counts! I love being able to travel with plenty of lipsticks to choose from. I have been able to sample most of the Stila lipsticks because of the free samples, and they are amazing!


Now onto the the travel sizes you have to buy! I know…this is less exciting than getting them for free. Now, everyone knows that Walmart offers a travel toiletries section. I love this section for toothpaste, hand sanitizer, and face wipes; but I do not depend on it for all my travel needs.

I feel that people should not curtail their daily routines just because they are traveling! It actually should be the opposite. Traveling can affect your hair and skin and it is important to keep using the items you use everyday so you do not destroy any progress you are making. Acne survivors will understand that changing your routine can start a flare up in less than two days! And this goes for all beauty in general.

Some of my current favorite products from Kate Somerville, Urban Decay, Huda Beauty and Living Proof I use daily are available at Sephora in travel size.

Thanks for reading about my favorite beauty store and what it offers. Let me know the products you like to travel with!